Bath Bombs: You’re using them wrong!

I will admit, I was guilty of this in the beginning. I would place the bath bomb in front of me and watch it swirl around and fizz. Yes, it is fun to watch, but wrong.

The correct way to fully enjoy the bath bomb and it’s therapeutic effects are to place in underneath you. I generally will choose my lower back or my neck and shoulders. Heck, use 2 bath bombs for both spots.  Why not? When the bomb is fizzing, it essentially creates a Jacuzzi-like effect. Wouldn’t you rather have those “jets” against your sore back or tired shoulders, than swirling around in front of you?

My favorite bomb to use this method with is the After The Gym Bath Bomb. It is positively delightful after a barre class, or any workout. So next time you decide to drop one of those delightful bath bombs into the tub, try it my way. You’ll love it, I promise!

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