No Shampoo?

Edit 11/22/16: I decided that I was tired of purchasing shampoo who's ingredients list is so long that the font had to be so tiny you can barely read it.  I have crafted a shampoo bar with only a minimal amount of Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) in it. I included SLSA in the recipe because standard shampoo bars made with lye still left my hair greasy. I choose to use SLSA instead of SLS because SLSA is milder surfactant and derived from coconut and palm oils. This shampoo bar gets my hair clean and I know EXACTLY what is in it. Hopefully you will enjoy it too. =)

No Shampoo?

Why don't I offer shampoo? The answer is a bit complicated, so if you're up for a story, let's go.

I have made several shampoo bars the natural way (No SLS or sulfates). I valiantly tried all of them along with the vinegar rinse method, and to no avail my hair wasn't having it. I even went to the extent of using bentonite clay on my hair to try to absorb the oils and nothing worked. My hair looked wet and disgusting and after 5 days I caved and shampooed with some store bought shampoo.

I won't sell something that I can't use myself, so I chose to not offer shampoo. I still use my conditioner bar every day and will refuse to ever use any other conditioner than the one I make. I have paired my conditioner bars with a number of shampoos (Purple shampoo for blondes, cheap dollar store shampoo, shampoo bar made with SLS) and the end result is the same; soft, silky luxurious locks. I encourage you to try out one of the conditioner bars even though it doesn't have a shampoo bar pairing. I think you'll love it just as much as I do.


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